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Veranstaltungskalender / Calendar of Events  


Synth-Pop Trio CHRVCHES comes to Germany as part of their LOVE IS DEAD tour!
06.11.18 – Live Music Hall, Cologne
07.11.18 – Tempodrom, Berlin
09.11.18 – Docks, Hamburg
11.11.18 – LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart
12.11.18 – Muffathalle, Munich
. . . . .

COURTNEY BARNETT (Alternative Rock/Indie) in concert
01.11.18 - Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin 
. . . . .

STELLA DONNELLY (Singer-Songwriter) in concert
"Stella Donnelly verwandelt ihre brutal ehrlichen und witzigen Beobachtungen in Gedichte und lyrische Pointen. Die Singer-Songwriterin aus Perth gibt dem Zuhörer seit ihrer Debüt-EP "Thrush Metal" (2017) einen Einblick in ihre Welt. In das was es bedeutet eine Millennial-Frau im Zeitalter von Trump, Tinder und Third-Wave-Feminismus zu sein. Mit ihrer ersten Single „Boys will be boys“ hat sie in ihrer Heimat bereits für reichlich Gesprächsstoff gesorgt."
01.11.18 - Musik & Frieden, Berlin
. . . . .

CALIGULA'S HORSE (Progressive Rock) mit neuem Album "In Contact" erstmals auf Headliner Tour durch Deutschland
05.-07.10.18 - Euroblast Festival, Cologne
24.10.18 - Musik & Frieden, Berlin
25.10.18 - Hamburg
30.10.18 - Düsseldorf
. . . . .

DIDIRRI (Singer-Songwriter) in concert
21.10.18 - Baumhaus Bar Berlin;
. . . . .

THE AMITY AFFLICTION (Metalcore) in concert - new album "Misery" out in August
21.10.18 - Astra, Berlin (see website for all tour dates)
. . . . .

COSMIC PSYCHOS (Punk Rock) on tour - new album "Loudmouth Soup" out now
05.10.18 - Roadrunners Club Berlin
. . . . .

AUS 2017 | D: WARWICK THORNTON | 113 min 
A period western set on the Northern Territory frontier where justice is put on trial.
27.09.18 - Film release in Germany
. . . . .

in cooperation with Jarvis Dooney Galerie as part of European Month of Photography:
DEREK KRECKLER: Accident & Process \ curated by Michael Dooney
Kreckler’s works span performance, film, photography, installation, and video. He has regularly created tough, insistent imagery that has been at the critical edge of Australian art history and which has provided comment on our country’s past, present, and future. The art of Derek Kreckler is often described as “unsettling.” Some have even referred to it as “dangerous.” Whether relishing the risk of experimentation and chance, or purposefully challenging our perceptions of country, identity, and self, Kreckler’s works flirt with an uncertainty that prickle the neck. At the same time, they open our eyes to the magic of how images are made, the murkiness of nationhood and its perpetuation, and the wonder of how powerful the landscape can be. His works have much to share about art history, social relations, popular culture, and the environment. Kreckler offers conceptual and expressive forms that are commanding, yet spacious. (Hannah Mathews)
26.09.-16.11.18 - Australian Embassy Berlin, Wallstrasse 76-79, Berlin-Mitte;
. . . . .

Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss in Kooperation mit dem Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin präsentiert:
Setan Jawa (Der javanische Teufel)
Stummfilm von Garin Nugroho mit Musik für Gamelan-Ensemble und Orchester von Rahayu Supanggah und IAIN GRANDAGE
IAIN GRANDAGE | Rahayu Supanggah (Leitung) | Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin | „Garasi Seni Benawa“ (Gamelan-Ensemble)
22.09.18, 20h - Haus der Berliner Rundfunks, Saal 1, Masurenallee 8-14, Berlin-Charlottenburg
. . . . .

"... this year’s edition with the motto "Landscapes of Us": a selection of films curated to pay homage to Australia’s and New Zealand’s haunting and beautiful cinematic landscapes, as well as exploring and celebrating the inner landscapes of the stories they represent. The films will take you on a long journey through the personal, political, social, historical and emotional spaces and places from Down Under."
19.09.18, 20h - Opening Night: SWEET COUNTRY | WARWICK THORNTON | AUS 2017 |113 min | Berlin Premiere
Please see for all films and details.
. . . . .

Chamäleon Theater Berlin presents:
"Forget everything you believe you know about cabaret and circus! The 'rockstars of the circus world' (The List) return to the CHAMÄLEON with their latest masterpiece: Experience the captivating circus world of CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW! Forget everything you believe you know about peepshows - because precisely these expectations will be played with, broken, and thoroughly debunked in best Circa style. CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW turns everything you thought you knew about cabaret and circus inside out and offers a glimpse into an explosive, extraordinary circus world."
Premiere: Thursday, 13. September 2018 | Previews: 25. August – 12. September 2018 |  Season: 25. August 2018 – 17. February 2019
Chamäleon Theater Berlin, in den Hackeschen Höfen, Rosenthaler Str. 40-41, Berlin-Mitte
. . . . .

BEN SALTER (singer-songwriter) in concert
13.09.18 - Mad Hatter, Hamburg
14.09.19 - Prinz Willy, Kiel
15.09.18 - Sofa Salon, Berlin
18.09.18 - Donau, Berlin
19.09.18 - Culture Container, Berlin
20.09.18 - Weltempfaenger, Koeln
22.09.18 - Dream Baby Dream, Berlin
25.09.18 - Madame Claude, Berlin
. . . . .

07.09.-27.10.18, public opening 21.09.18
until 01.09.18 - BELINDA FOX: Drawing a Line
Michael Reid Berlin, Ackerstrasse 163, 10115 Berlin
. . . . .

Australian authors at 18th International Literature Festival (5-15 September 2018):
others at POETRY NIGHT II and 3x8 Late Night Reading
07.09.18, 19:30h/23:00h - Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Small Stage/LeBar
DOWN UNDER — NATURE WRITING MADE IN AUSTRALIA. BRUCE PASCOE AUSTRALIA PRESENTS »DARK EMU«, MARK TREDINNICK AUSTRALIA PRESENTS »THE BLUE PLATEAU« Nature writing in Australia is devoted to one of the most species rich and diverse ecosystems in the world. In »Dark Emu«, Bruce Pascoe shows how Aborigines worked the land for hundreds of years before the arrival of white settlers. Mark Tredinnick’s »The Blue Plateau: An Australian Pastoral« describes the effects of climate change on his home, the Blue Mountains. The two authors read excerpts from their texts and discuss them together.
08.09.18, 21h - Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Gartenbuehne
DIANE TOUCHELL presents Forgetting Foster, A Small Madness, and Creepy & Maud in workshops and readings
05., 06., 07.09.18 - various venues
. . . . .

THE BLACK SORROWS (Blues/Rock) on tour in Germany 31 August - 28 September 2018!
07.0918 - Bluesfestival, Dresden
25.09.18 - Urban Spree, Berlin
26.09.18 - Downtown Blues Club, Hamburg
See for a list of all shows
. . . . .

Lucky Gallery presents:
BRAD ROBSON, painter and muralist
While his artworks on canvas are featured in private collections worldwide, Robson has also left his imprint on the walls of Sydney, Barcelona, News York and Los Angeles with his bold and powerful murals. Metropolis, pop culture and human psyche are the central subjects of his inspiration. His artworks - mainly urban landscapes and portrait series - consist of an intense mixture between street, pop and abstract art.
01.09.18 - Vernissage at Lucky Gallery, Große Hamburger Straße 36, 10115 Berlin (on show until 30 September).
. . . . .

(Singer-Songwriter) in concert
18.08.18 - MS Dockville, Hamburg;
. . . . .

Tanz im August 30. Internationales Festival Berlin (10.08.-02.09.2018) presents:
NICK POWER - Between Tiny Cities
"Two dancers face off in a circle amid the audience, the raw energy of b-boy battles focussed by contemporary choreography. In “Between Tiny Cities” Erak Mith, from Pnom Penh, and Aaron Lim, from Darwin, use rituals, movements and the language of their shared hip-hop culture to expose the contradictions of the worlds in which they live – and at the same time to show the connections between them. Taking his orientation from the battle culture of the b-boys, the choreographer and well-known hip-hop artist Nick Power constructs intercultural perspectives and subtly undermines prejudices about hip-hop and masculinity."
16.-18.0818 - Workshop with Nick Power for "Between Tiny Cities" at HAU 3, Berlin
23.-25.08.18 - Sophiensaele, Berlin
. . . . .

(Post-Punk) auf "Bloody Lovely EU TOUR"
14.08.18 - Musik & Frieden, Berlin
15.08.18 - Headcrash, Hamburg
16.08.18 - MTC, Cologne  
. . . . .

HILLTOP HOODS (Hip-Hop) on European Tour 2018!
09.08.18 - Live Music Hall, Cologne
11.08.18 - Taubertal Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber
12.08.18 - Open Flair Festival, Eschwege
14.08.18 - Markthalle, Hamburg
15.08.18 - SO36, Berlin
17.08.18 - Muffathalle, München
21.08.18 - Zoom, Frankfurt
. . . . .

(Indie Soul) in concert
31.07.18 - Deriva, Berlin-Neukölln
03.08.18 - Katz & Maus, Berlin-Mitte
For all dates please have a look at the website
. . . . .

(Singer-Songwriter) on tour
28.07.18 - Bardentreffen Festival, Nürnberg
01.08.18 - Stoffel Open Air, Frankfurt/Main
02.08.18 - Backstage, München
29.08.18 - Galao, Stuttgart
For all tour dates please have a look at Tim's FB Page 
. . . . .

RE!SE - ANNA MORLEY am Vibraphon, Nickolaus Herdieckerhoff am Cello
"Bevor es für viele in den Urlaub geht, schicken Anna Morley und Nickolaus Herdieckerhoff die Zuhörer auf einen Trip in andere Klangwelten. Mit Cello und einem Vintage Vibraphon aus den 70ern kreieren sie elektroakustische Soundflächen und minimalistische Grooves. Auch bekannten Stücken wie „Gnossienne No. 1“ von Erik Satie verleihen sie so neue akustische Gewänder. Eintritt frei, Spenden erwünscht."
20.07.18 - Kulturcafé, Friedelstr. 28, Berlin-Neukölln 
. . . . .

14.07.18 - Waldbühne, Berlin

. . . . .

08.07.18, 11-15h Vernissage | Einführungsvortrag der Kuratorin um 11:30
08.07.-13.07.18 – ARTKELCH Collectors Lounge, Wiesenstraße 33, 73614 Schorndorf
Im Anschluss an die Vernissage ist die Ausstellung Montag - Freitag jederzeit nach telefonischer Vereinbarung (0761-7043271 oder 0172-7335235) zu besichtigen.
. . . . .

SOULFASHION with Aussie DJ CHEROKEE and German Fashion Designer INGA LIECKFELDT
Berlin's creative fashion & music party is back as part of the BERLIN FASHION WEEK.
06.07.18, 18-21h - SYLD STORE, Frankfurter Allee 32, 10247 Berlin
. . . . .

DIVE INTO SUMMER with the Australian/German/New Zealand singing group GANZ A CAPELLA
01.07.18, 16-17h - St. Petrus Kirche, Bellermannstrasse 91, 13357 Berlin, Germany
. . . . .

XXIV. Rohkunstbau: Achtung - Mind the Gap (30.06.18-09.09.18)
Eleven international artists will present their works of art in the exhibition "Achtung - Mind the Gap" in 2018, dealing with social breakages. Australian-British multimedia artist KATE MCMILLAN will present her short film "Instructions for Another Future", a reflection of time, memory, and lost knowledge, shot at Lieberose Castle.
30.06.-09.09.18 - Schloss Lieberose, Spreewald 
. . . . .

Border Country - Die Grenze
Reflecting a period of personal transition and social concern, this body of work takes on histories of fear and anxiety and through processes of colourful alchemy attempts to transform pain into beauty. The works are maps, or internal landscapes, inspired by the Australian Indigenous traditions of mapping both the physical and metaphysical environments. Monica utilises methods and materials firmly placed in modern Western art.
29.06.-31.08.18 - Australian Embassy Berlin, Wallstraße 76, 10179 Berlin
. . . . .

23.+24.6.18 - The Contemporary Australian Art Festival with the opening of “Pila Nguruku Kapi Walkatjara – Painted Waters of Spinifex Country”, curated by ROBYN KELCH, Artkelch Freiburg
30.06.-01.07.18 – Music Festival Bei Wu with two public afternoon concerts and two private evening concerts
For all events and details, please visit the website:
. . . . .

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (19-24 June 2018) at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin present:
new cinema and contemporary art - participating Australian artists:
"Hyperthermia" by MATTHEW VERDON
. . . . .

Komische Oper Berlin präsentiert:
Dmitri D. Schostakowitsch - Die Nase | Inszenierung: BARRIE KOSKY
"Barrie Koskys umjubelte Debüt-Inszenierung am Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London ist nach einer Zwischenstation in Sydney nun auch in Berlin zu erleben. Steppende Nasen, fahrende Rikscha-Tische, knallbunte Kostüme zwischen Folklore und Historismus in einem kühlen, trotz seiner Größe klaustrophobisch wirkenden Raum – Barrie Kosky inszeniert die surrealistische Geschichte um die Verlustängste und die Paranoia eines kleingeistigen Emporkömmlings als revueartiges Kaleidoskop der Eitelkeiten, eine verstörende Mischung aus Wozzeck und Alice im Wunderland."
16.6.18 - Premiere, Komische Oper Berlin (weitere Termine:  24./28./30. Juni,  6./14. Juli 2018)
. . . . .

COURTNEY BARNETT in concert - new album "Tell Me How You Really Feel" out in May 2018!
11.06.18 - Astra Kulturhaus Berlin 
. . . . .

09.06.18, 10-14h exhibition opening (exhibition open Wednesdays and Fridays from 11-18h and Saturdays from 10-14h until 04.07.18)
09.06.-04.07.18 - ARTKELCH, Günterstalstraße 57, 79102 Freiburg
. . . . .