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Staatsbürgerschaft durch Abstammung

Australian Citizenship by Descent



Visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs to apply. Online is the preferred and faster way for lodgement and processing, but you can submit a paper application form. The form is available on their website. 


                                                                                                           APPLY FOR CITIZENSHIP


Supporting documents to attach to your application



  • German birth certificate: international version otherwise an official certified English translation must be provided. All German certificates can be issued as an international version by the register office (Standesamt).
    • If your child was not born in Germany, you can find a list of certified translators in Germany here:
  • A passport or other travel document that shows a photograph and current name of the child, if available.
  • Completed Identity declaration – Form 1195 (or Part E on the paper application form).
  • Evidence of link between birth name and current name, if applicable.
  • Evidence of other citizenships held by the applicant, if applicable, such as a passport or other travel document.
  • Passport-sized photograph



  • Evidence of parent’s Australian citizenship. Examples below of documents that show one of the applicant’s parents was an Australian citizen at the time of the applicant’s birth, but there may be other documents. Contact the Department of Home Affairs if you don’t have one of the following:
    • Full Australian birth certificate if the parent was born before 20 August 1986, OR
    • Australian citizenship or naturalisation certificate, OR
    • Australian passport issued after 1 July 2005
  • Evidence of other citizenships held by the Australian parent, if applicable, such as a letter or certificate showing the date of the acquisition of the citizenship. If the Australian parent acquired another citizenship by descent at birth, provide a full birth certificate giving details of both parents. If the Australian parent acquired another citizenship by naturalisation, provide a citizenship certificate or letter from the relevant authority detailing where, on what date and by what means the other citizenship was acquired.
  • Proof of ID: passport or driver’s licence (the ID must show your full name, signature and photograph)
  • Proof of address: Utility bill, bank statement or Meldebescheinigung
  • Any custody or guardianship orders if applicable



Further information



German certificates

German birth, marriage and death certificates can be issued as international certificates, showing the details in German and English (and other European languages). You will not need a translation of the birth certificate if you have the international birth certificate.

German passports

German passports are issued in German and English and therefore do not require further translation.

Proof of address

If the proof of address does not show any details other than your name and address, such as a Meldebescheinigung, phone bill or bank statement, a translation is usually not necessary.

If you have documents which have to be translated, you can find a list of certified translators on

Identity declaration

You can find a list of people authorised to complete the identity declaration on the form.

Australian nationals and citizens of your country of residence (German citizens) can complete the application form if they meet the other requirements.

Please note that while it states that Australian consular officers are authorised to complete the identity declaration, a consular officer does not fulfil the requirement of knowing the applicant for at least 12 months or since birth if the child is younger than 12 months and we are therefore unable to assist with this. 






Travelling to Australia

As soon as you lodge the application for citizenship, you will not be able to apply for a visa to Australia for your child in their German passport (if applicable) as your child has been registered as an Australian citizen upon lodgement. Please allow sufficient time for your citizenship and passport application to be processed before you travel to Australia. You can find more information about travelling to Australia as a dual national here and on smartraveller. 

Once you have received the citizenship certificate for your child, you can apply for an Australian passport. Australian passport applications must be lodged in person at the Australian Embassy Berlin on the Australian Consulate-General in Frankfurt. 



Payment is the last step when you lodge an application in ImmiAccount. If you submit a paper application, contact the Department of Home Affairs: +61 2 6196 0196 to enquire about ways to pay.

The Australian Embassy Berlin does not have this information.


 Processing Time

You can find up-to-date processing times on the website of the Department of Home Affairs.




Certified copies (paper application only)

If you choose to lodge the application by mail, rather than online, provide certified copies of all supporting documents. Do not send original documents with your application. The documents can be certified by the person who completed the identity declaration. You do not have to have any documents certified if you lodge the application online.