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Student Visas


Student and Student guardians

A student visa (subclass 500) allows you to study in Australia, including English language courses, school courses, vocational education or university courses.

Student guardians have to apply for a Student Guardian visa (subclass 590).

Detailed information on applying for a student visa is available on the Department’s website.
►Applying for a student visa
►Applying for a student  guardian visa
►General information about studying in Australia is available from the Australian Government’s website for international students at:

How to apply?

It is mandatory to lodge a student application online and supporting documentation needs to be uploaded. 

How do I provide documents and update my information?

  1. ImmiAccount is the best way to provide documents and update your information. 
  2. You can also use ImmiAccount to:
  3. Attach documents to an online application
  • Check the progress of an online application
  • Update application details online
  • Update your passport or address
  • Notify of incorrect information in your application

Evidentiary requirements

Please see: Student visa online applications (Home Affairs website)

It is recommended that you provide complete and comprehensive evidence that supports your application at the time of lodgement. A list of evidentiary requirements will be provided as part of the online application process.


Berlin specific guidance:

The specific guidance detailed below will assist you to upload acceptable documentary evidence at time of application.

  1. A high quality colour scan copy of the Bio data page of your passport.
  2. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for Overseas Student (You will need to pay an application fee). CoE means that you have been accepted as a student at an Australian educational institution which is registered with the Department of Education, or

    Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) (Fee free). AASES means that you have officially been accepted on an school exchange program and given a place at an Australian school. Please sign the declaration on the Acceptance Advice and send it to us. If you are under 18 please ask both your parents to sign AASES form (part C). Part C is important as it indicates the parents consent to the exchange program as outlined in Part A and B of the AASES form. Single parents must provide evidence that they have sole custody.

  3. Students under 18: If you are under 18, upload form 1229 signed by both parents along with their identity documents to verify their signatures.  We also require a copy of your birth certificate. Single parents must provide evidence that they have sole custody (e.g. a copy of the custody ruling).


  4. Accommodation and welfare arrangements. If you are under 18, in order to lodge a valid application, you must provide evidence of acceptable arrangements for your accommodation, support and general welfare for the duration of your student visa or until you turn 18.  More information about welfare a


  5. Health insurance & Health requirement
    Overseas students undertaking formal studies in Australia must take out OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). OSHC is usually arranged through the education provider in Australia, and the CoE or AASES form must state that it has been purchased.

    For further information on OSHC, please see: Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

    Note* Belgian, Norwegian and some Swedish students are not required to purchase OSHC as part of their visa requirements.
    A German or Swiss health or travel insurance is not sufficient.

    Please refer to the Health Requirements to see if your country of origin or residence and the nature/ duration of your visit require you to undergo any health clearance formalities. Health Requirements - Home Affairs website

  6. Important to note for students under 18 - visa validity:
    Student visas for minors are generally granted in line with the welfare and health insurance (OSHC) period. Whichever of the two has an earlier expiry date will determine the validity period of the student visa.
    Please make sure that travel arrangements both for arrival and departure fall within the period of the welfare and health arrangements.
    Minors planning a holiday beyond their student validity period (for example with their parents joining them in Australia) may wish to look into the option of applying for a subsequent visitor visa.
  7. Translations of non-English or non-German documents:   Original documents in languages other than English or German must be accompanied by an English translation. The English translations must be appropriately endorsed translations. In Australia, translators must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Their accreditation details must be recorded on the translation. Translations provided by non-NAATI accredited translators outside Australia should be endorsed by the translator with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated. If available in your country, you may also upload multilingual or international records, providing English is one of the languages on the record.