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Germany and Liechtenstein

Arts and Culture

From the opera, to well-known German theatres to live music acts, film viewings, gallery exhibitions and the performing arts, you can find a wealth of Australian culture and arts in Germany. It bears testament to the closeness of Australian and German cultural relations.

At the Australian Embassy Berlin, we are supporting Australian artists in Germany and are promoting some of Australia's most innovative and fascinating programmes in Europe.

If you would like to know what's coming up near you, please also see our Events Page. 

Expert Webinar: 'Creative Networks: Fostering links between Australia and Germany in the Performing Arts'

Australia and Germany enjoy strong and diverse cultural links, including in the dynamic performing arts sector. In September 2020, during the inaugural episode of our ‘Creative Networks’ webinar series, we heard creatives and institutions in dance, theatre and music reflect on how their work landscapes have changed in a COVID-19 environment, and how programming looks in the months ahead. Our panel of experts and artists in the performing arts sector, included: Nora Gatewood-Kurz, Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin, Stefan Schmidtke, Program Director, Theater der Welt, Peter Scollin, Platypus Theater Berlin, Paul White, dancer and choreographer and Melanie Jame Wolf, performance and video artist.  The webinar was moderated by Mala Ghedia, filmmaker / actress. 

You can access the video recording here.

List of Germany-based Australian creatives

Are you a Germany-based Australian creative – artist, designer, dancer, musician, writer, filmmaker, actor or other creative? Please let us know your name, what you do, social media handles or website and send it to [email protected].

The list below will be updated on a regular basis, and we will be sharing links to some websites + social media channels on an ad hoc basis.

Liesl Pfeffer
Instagram @lieslpfeffer

Claudia Chaseling

Yasmin Nebenfuhr
Instagram @yasmin.nebenfuhr

Emma Matsuda
Instagram @multi_foiled

Catherine Evans
Australian artist working across photography sculpture and installation
Instagram @catherineroseevans 

Andrew J. Burford
Instagram @ajburford 

Joanna Mortreux
Instagram @joannamortreux

Honi Ryan
Instagram @honiryan   

Hannah Rose Carroll Harris
Instagram @hannahrosech   

Nathan Gray
Instagram @nthngy

Lauren Moffatt
Instagram  @lauren.m.moffatt  

Troy Duguid
Instagram @jiratrello

AAA Software

Deborah Wargon  

Lyndal Walker
Instagram @lyndalwalker   

Renae Shadler
Instagram @renaeshadler  

Karla Marchesi
Instagram @karlamarchesi 

Arryn Snowball
Instagram @arrynsnowball

Shoufay Derz
Instagram @shoufay 

Natasha Stellmach
Artist & Coach
instagram (@nataschastellmach)

Andreas Tesch
Ceramic artist
Andreas Tesch

Chloê Langford

Jodi Rose
Transit Lounge Radio: Producer & Host
Singing Bridges: Vibrations & Variations, Live, Under Construction
Jodi Rose & Rosalie Norah King Gascoigne

Simone Mangos

Lucy Dyson
Artist, animator, director

Sue Hayward

Monica Levy

Sollai Cartwright
Sculptor, artist
Instagram; Facebook

Paul Green
Portrait and Interior Photographer

Paul Langmead

Cameron Tauschke

Ida Lawrence
Visual artist & Educator
Instagram @idalawrencee

Jake Williams

Shona Stark
Instagram @shonastark