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Australian-German relationship

Australia has a warm and significant bilateral relationship with Germany                                                                                   

Germany is an important and close like-minded partner for Australia. As two liberal democracies, we share a strong commitment to the rules-based international order and the multilateral system. We cooperate closely both bilaterally and multilaterally to support and sustain our shared values of democracy, freedom and the rule of law. Australia’s cooperative relationship with Switzerland and Liechtenstein is substantiated by shared economic interests and our joint engagement in promoting democracy and good global governance.

Prominent on our agenda is strengthening business connections into the European market. An ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Australia and the European Union is one of our highest priorities, and we appreciate Germany’s ongoing support in ongoing FTA negotiations. Australia and Germany have just signed an important new partnership on hydrogen for a more sustainable future. There are many good things that we are already doing, there are new things on the way.

Another major priority is deepening Australia’s strong research connections with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to address global challenges. Our Australia-Germany Research Network, for example, has facilitated information-sharing and increased the strength of Australia’s research connections with Germany.

The Australian cultural landscape in Europe is thriving and expanding. Increasing the presence of Australian art, dance, theatre and musical organisations in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein is a further focus for our Embassy. Please find out more about our efforts to support cultural activities here.

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Australian-German relations

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