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 Partner Migration visas


How to lodge a Partner Migration application

All Partner visa (including Prospective Marriage visa) applications must be lodged online through ImmiAccount.


Fees and Charges

Visa applications charges are listed at

Payment must be made visa ImmiAccount by card, PayPal or BPAY as you submit the application. Further information is available at

Further information is available at


Supporting documentation

Lists of required supporting documentation are available by clicking on ‘Follow these steps’ at:


De Facto Relationships
For migration purposes, a person is in a de facto relationship with another person if they:

  • are not married to each other
  • have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others
  • are in a genuine and continuing relationship
  • live together or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis
  • are not related by family.

If you are applying for a Partner visa on the basis of a de facto relationship to your sponsor, you must demonstrate that you have been in this relationship for at least 12 months before the date you lodged your partner visa application. Periods of dating do not generally count towards the 12-month relationship requirement. Couples who have registered their relationship under the laws of an Australian state or territory are exempt from the 12 month requirement, but must still satisfy all other criteria regarding genuineness of the relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

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