Australian Embassy

In-person applications

Applying for an Australian passport - in person


Passport application in person step-by-step

1. Get the form

Fill out the passport application at the global website and print it off. You will need to create an account first. When you fill out your application form online, you will automatically be directed to the correct form and a list of required supporting documents will be available. 


Please note that you can send PC7 and some PC8 applications by post. 


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2.  Print, sign and date your form.

Print: You may need to adjust your print settings so that the top/bottom of the pages are not cut off.


Sign: Make sure all sections are signed before your interview.  Passport staff cannot witness signatures.


Date: Signatures are valid for six months only. An application signed more than six months ago cannot be accepted. 

3. Supporting documents

All documents must be original documents. We cannot accept certified copies. Please review the information sheets for a list of the required supporting documents:

Australian Passport Overseas Renewal Application Form (PC7, adults only)

Australian Passport Overseas New Application Form (PC8)

If you are changing your name, please see our Name Change section.

4. Photographs and Guarantor

We recommend that you have your photos taken by a photographer showing them the photograph guidelines. Photos taken in photo booth will likely be rejected.


A guarantor must sign the application and endorse the back of one photo for all new (PC8) applications. The guarantor cannot be related to the applicant.



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5. Book an appointment

Any application can be lodged in person. Please book an appointment according to the application you want to lodge.

For child applications, one parent must lodge the application in person. The lodging parent does not have to be Australian. 

Children aged 16 and 17 years old must attend the interview accompanied by one parent. Children aged 15 years and younger are not required to attend the interview.



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6. Processing time

Due to an increase in demand, please allow a minimum of four weeks to receive your new passport after lodgement. You should factor these timeframes into your travel plans. It is your responsibility to keep your Australian passport valid.

You can keep your current passport while your new one is being processed. 

You can either pick up your passport where you lodged it or it will be sent to you by registered mail. A postage fee applies. 




 Updated: 05 May 2023