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 Application for an Australian Passport - Overseas

All applications must be lodged in person and by appointment only in Berlin or Frankfurt. Please click on the relevant links below for more information regarding your application, to obtain the relevant form, and to make an appointment.


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Outreach appointments in Munich or other cities


Appointments for passport interviews and notarial services in Munich other cities - outreach

***We are now fully booked for 28 June***

For general interest in upcoming appointments in Munich, please register by emailing Please note that appointments in Munich are not regularly scheduled. If an outreach event is scheduled, it will be advertised on this website immediately.


Australian Passport Fees

The fee is payable upon lodgement of the passport application/upon the performance of the notarial service. Fees must be paid in Euro by debit (EC) or credit card. The Australian Embassy Berlin and the Consulate-General in Frankfurt do not accept cash payments.

You should normally allow up to three weeks to receive a new passport. It can take longer if more information is needed or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

(Consular rate of exchange as of 01.06.2017: AUD$ 1 = € 0.6677

Ordinary passport (37 pages):

10 - year validity (for persons aged 16 and over): € 185.00 (+€69.00 overseas surcharge)
5 -  year validity (for children under 16 years)€ 93.00 (+€35.00 overseas surcharge)
5 -  year validity (optional for persons aged 75 and over): €93.00 (+€69.00 overseas surcharge)

Frequent traveller passport (69 pages):

10 - year validity (for persons aged 18 and over): € 272.00 (+€69.00 overseas surcharge)

Emergency passport (4 pages):

7-months validity: € 117.00

Overseas Surcharge (in addition to the passport fee):

Adult/Senior: € 69.00

Minor: € 35.00


Your new Passport can be collected from the Embassy/Consulate. If you are unable to do so, a postage fee of € 4.00 is charged for registered mail within Germany. The Australian Embassy Berlin cannot send the passport to a location outside of Germany.