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Transit Visa (771)

Transiting through Australia

Do I need a Transit Visa?

  • Transit without visa arrangements
    Certain travellers may transit through Australia without applying for a visa.
    For further information, please see:
    When you do NOT need a Transit visa (Home Affairs website)

    If your transit is longer than 72 hours or your citizenship is not covered by the above arrangement, you will need to apply for a Transit Visa. 
  • Information for sea crew of non-military ships
    Maritime crew visa (subclass 988) (Home Affairs website)

How to apply for a transit visa (subclass 771)

Please provide:

  • Completed form 876 Application for Transit (subclass 771) visa for Australia - Home Affairs Website (pdf)
  • a copy of your airline ticket
  • a clear (uncertified) copy of the bio-data page of your valid passport.
    Please do NOT send your original passport to our office unless a case officer specifically asks for it during the processing of your application.

There is no Visa Application Charge applicable for a transit visa.

Where do I apply?
Please mail your application to the Visa Office of the Australian Embassy Berlin.
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