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Occupational Trainee Visa


Occupational Trainee Visa (subclass 442)

The Occupational Training is a supervised training program which is workplace-based rather than classroom-based and is designed to increase your skill level in your occupation or area of expertise.

Occupational Trainees may include students who are preparing for their final examinations, writing their thesis or doing a practical semester, as well as professional people who wish to obtain further training and experience in their field.

Before lodging your application for an Occupational Trainee Visa, please check if one of the following applies to you. In that case, you may need to apply for the Special Program visa instead. The Special Program visa is for applicants who:

 have been invited by an approved Special program organisation to participate in an approved youth exchange program, including language assistants;

 have been invited by an approved Special Program organisation to participate in an approved community benefit program; or

 are the holder of a Churchill Fellowship.

For more information about the special program visa, please read the following website.

See: Special Program Visa

Please note that applicants for the occupational trainee visa must be aged 18 or above, unless exceptional circumstances apply.


How to apply for an Occupational Trainee Visa

 1. Obtain a Nomination for your Occupational Training

Your Australian employer (or other party providing the training) must lodge a nomination for you by completing Form 913 and sending it with supporting documents to the Adelaide Occupational Trainee Processing Centre in Australia. Processing of the nomination may take a few weeks. When the nomination has been approved, your Australian trainer will be notified. Your trainer must forward the nomination approval letter to you for you to submit together with your application.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that your trainer submits your nomination as early as possible. As the Embassy is not involved in the processing of nominations, please address all enquiries to your trainer and not to the Embassy. Your visa cannot be granted without an approved nomination.

See: Australian nominating organisation lodges a nomination in Adelaide



 2. Complete the Application Form (147)

Please complete, sign and date Form 147.

 Download form 147 - DIAC Website (PDF)

When completing your form, please ensure that you quote your last name and first name exactly as stated in your PASSPORT and do not use a pencil. Please attach to your application one recent passport photograph of yourself (and all family members included in the application).

Note: As of 1 November 2005 dependent family members of successful occupational trainee applicants will be allowed to work in Australia for up to 20 hours per week.



 3. Visa Application Charge

The Visa Application Charge is levied per application, any accompanying family members are included. This is a processing charge and cannot be refunded irrespective of the outcome of the application.

See: Visa Application Charges




 4. Provide a Training Reference

Please ask your current employer/university to explain in writing how you will benefit from the proposed Occupational Training in Australia.



 5. Health Clearance (if applicable)

Please refer to the Health Requirements to see if your circumstances and the nature/duration of your visit require you to undergo any health clearance formalities.

See: Health Requirements - DIAC Website

Note: All applicants must have adequate health cover for the intended length of stay in Australia. Please provide evidence with your application.



 6. Valid Passport

Please include your original passport with your application. It should be valid for the period of your proposed stay and must contain at least one blank page.  


 7. Embassy Address

Please mail your application or deliver personally to the following address:
(Visa Counter Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00 - 11.00 hrs):

Australian Embassy
Visa Office
Wallstrasse 76-79
D-10179 Berlin



Important Information

We regret that we cannot assist you in finding occupational training positions in Australia or provide you with the addresses of Australian companies. The Australian Yellow Pages telephone book is available online.

See: Australian Yellow Pages Online

You may also wish to search through the Government's job search site.

See: Australian Government Job Search Online

Processing times can vary seasonally and according to the volume of applications on hand.

We recommend that you do not make travel commitments until after the visa has been approved. Visa applications are processed by the Embassy as fast as possible and in the order of receipt. Processing times can vary greatly (see below for processing times) and you should allow for this when making your travel plans.

See: Target Processing Times

We are not liable for any financial loss incurred by applicants whose applications are late or unsuccessful. You can do the following to help us process your case quickly:

 ensure that your application is complete;
 telephone enquiries should be limited to urgent matters.

See: How to contact the department?

Under the terms of the Australian Privacy Act, we cannot provide information about applications in progress to third parties.


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