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Medical or Legal Elective


Medical or Legal Elective

Visa requirements for students undertaking a medical or legal elective in Australia - Visitor Visa (subclass 676).

If you are a medical or legal student who wishes to undertake a practical term in Australia of less than three months, you may apply for a visitor visa. If you plan an elective of longer than three months, you will need to apply for an occupational trainee visa. Visas for medical and legal electives are normally issued for a single entry to Australia.

See: Occupational Trainee visa



How to apply for a Visitor Visa if you are undertaking a medical or legal elective in Australia:

 1. Application Form

You need to apply for a Visitor Visa at the Australian Embassy. Please complete, sign and date Form 48R.

 Download Form 48R - DIAC Website (PDF)

Please attach to your application one recent passport photograph of yourself (and all family members included in the application). Please note that if you are undertaking a medical elective, an Electronic Travel Authority is NOT the appropriate option for you.

 2. Visa Application Charge

The Visa Application Charge is levied per person except for children who are included in a parent's passport. This is a processing charge and cannot be refunded irrespective of the outcome of the application.

See: Visa Application Charges

 3. Documents to be included with your application

If you are a legal elective student who wishes to go to Australia to gain experience in a legal office, you should submit the following documentation when you make an application for your visa:

 a completed Application Form 48R,
 one passport-sized photograph,
 credit card payment authorisation; 

 Credit Card Authorisation Form (PDF)

 a letter from your current college or university supporting your placement in
 a letter of invitation from a legal practice in Australia, confirming the exact dates
   of your traineeship with them.

Medical elective students should provide the above documentation but their invitation must be provided by the hospital they intend to work at, confirming the exact dates of their traineeship with them. Medical elective students must also provide a chest X-ray, and a medical examination including HIV, Hepatitis B
and C blood tests undertaken by one of our panel radiologists/doctors.
Please see "health requirements".

See: Panel Doctors - DIAC Website



 4. Health Requirements

In addition to the requirements mentioned for medical electives above, please refer to the Health Requirements form to see if your circumstances and the nature/duration of your visit require you to undergo any health clearance formalities.

 Health Requirements - DIAC Website

 5. Passport copy

A clear (uncertified) copy of the biodata page of your valid passport should be enclosed with the visa application. A case officer may request that you submit your original passport, if a visa label is necessary.

 6. Where do I apply ?

Please mail your application or deliver personally to the following address:
(Visa Counter Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00 - 11.00 hrs):

Australian Embassy
Visa Office
Wallstrasse 76-79
D-10179 Berlin


 7. Additional Information

Visa applications are processed as fast as possible and in the order of receipt. Processing times may vary and you should allow for this when making your travel plans.

See: Target Processing Times

We are not liable for any financial loss incurred by applicants whose applications are late or unsuccessful. You can do the following to help us process your case quickly:


 ensure that your application is complete; 
 telephone enquiries should be limited to urgent matters.

See: How to contact the department?

Under the terms of the Australian Privacy Act, we cannot provide information about applications in progress to third parties.



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